CA Assemblyman Josh Hoover started a podcast about politics

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Member of Folsom’s Republican Assembly Josh Hoover launched a new podcast called “Point of order“.

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First episode – “Democracy, Taco Bell and the State Budget” – came out last week and featured special guest co-host Assemblyman Joe PattersonR-Rocklin.

Latest episode – “Problem Solvers, Public Safety and Life in the Super Minority” – Released Wednesday and featured special guest co-host Assemblyman Juan AlanisR-Modesto.

Hoover described his new podcast as an “inside look at the politics of California and. state legislatormainly from the perspective of state legislators.”

“It’s sort of an idea I’ve had in the back of my mind for a long time,” The Bee said in an interview on Wednesday.

While things were too busy at the start of the legislative session for him to continue the podcast right away, he said he had found some spare time in recent weeks to create a podcast that he said would air for nine weekly episodes leading up to the parliament sitting. summer break.

Hoover said he records the podcast on Monday mornings before the show begins Installation session.

Anyone who runs a podcast can tell you that finding content to cover during a podcast is difficult. Hoover said that should not be a problem for him.

“The good news is that as long as there is a session, it’s very rare to have a dull week in California politics,” he said.

Hoover’s podcast isn’t the only one covering California politics. On this note, we recommend a California lobbyist Sadalia King‘S Twitter thread from 2022 listing a few of them. The Assembly of Democrats have a podcast – “Look West: How California Leads the Nation“.

But Hoover’s podcast stands out in that it offers legislative insights from the perspective of an actual legislator.

“It’s really organic, it’s not too scripted, it’s very casual conversation,” Hoover said.


On Wednesday, the first partner from California Jennifer Siebel Newsom and California partnership project presented a new report showing the correlation between young people’s use of social media and their mental health.

Report, which you can read here“synthesizes the latest data with researchers at UCLA, highlights youth voices, and provides recommendations to minimize the negative impact of social media and channel its use to potential good,” according to the California Partners Project statement.

In a statement to The Bee, Siebel Newsom said young people are surrounded by technology 24/7.

“Social media can fuel sadness, anxiety and shame – displacing sleep, movement and contact with real life, and it’s also exacerbating an alarming youth mental health crisis,” she said. “As the first partner and co-founder of the California Partners Project, my goal is to ensure that media and technology are used as a force for good in the lives of young adults, if at all.”

The report contains four recommendations:

  • Improve online security and controls.
  • Disseminating best practices and expanding media literacy programmes.
  • Invest in diverse young women and girls to become technological leaders and creators.
  • Do in-depth research to gain more insight into the impact of social media on young people.

The report mentions AB 2273, the 2022 “Age-Appropriate Design Code Act”, which will come into effect in July 2024, which requires social media companies to take extra steps to protect the privacy and safety of young users. This is the law challenged in court by the technology industry.


“The goal is to remove LGBTQ Pride products because of such terrorist behavior. Yes, it’s absolutely terrorism and Target should be ashamed to have given up. Just like Anheuser Busch bowed. People wonder why there is so much fear in our community.”

– Senator Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, discusses a story titled “Right-wing agitator says he’ll be ‘hunting’ Phoenix LGBTQ supporters and they’re ‘not safe.’ via Twitter.

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