Does HBO Max have sports? A streaming guide to the best movies, documentaries and more

No more HBO Max, but don’t worry: it’s just a rebrand for the streaming service.

HBO Max’s integration with Discovery+ will create an updated streaming service called Max with a revamped logo and potentially new content in the near future.

Sports fans may not flock to HBO Max the way they do to services that regularly broadcast live sports, but signs are that the rebrand could offer some new content for sports fans. In addition to potentially adding live sports, HBO Max already offers a significant amount of sports movies and documentaries packaged under the new name.

Here’s what sports fans need to know about the HBO Max rebrand and what content is available on the streaming service right now.

Does Max have live sports?

While it’s unclear exactly which live sports could be included in the rebrand, Warner Bros. recently announced that live sports will be added to Max at some point in the near future.

The corporation hasn’t revealed an exact timeline or said what will be added, but there are two possibilities in the game. It’s possible that Max will allow viewers to watch live sports already broadcast on cable networks, and it’s also possible that Max could host special sporting events like Amazon Prime hosts “Thursday Night Football” and Apple TV+ hosts exclusive MLB games.

While Max was not known for live sports under its previous name, it did stream US men’s soccer games beginning in 2023. HBO was also known for pay-per-view boxing, which it aired for 45 years. HBO dropped boxing in late 2018, citing an increase in streaming options that made boxing more widely available to viewers.

HBO said in a statement when it dropped the sport: “It is now widely available on multiple networks and streaming services.

Now, the door is open for live sports to return as HBO Max becomes Max.

How to watch live sports on Mac

Any live sports added to Max will likely require a subscription. iPhone and iPad users will also need to download the new Max app when the rebrand happens on May 23.

Under the new branding, users have three options to subscribe to Max:

  1. Max’s “Ad-lite” plan $9.99 per month or $99.99 for the entire year.
  2. To be free from ads, customers must pay $15.99 per month or $149.99 for the entire year.
  3. Max also offers a “Max Ultimate Ad Free” plan $19.99 per month or $199.99 for a full year.

Best Sports Movies on Max

rank the movie Classification of Rotten Tomatoes
1 “When We Were Kings” 98%
2 “Hoop Dreams” 98%
3 “Pashtun” 98%
4 “Bull Durham” 97%
5 “Raging Bull” 93%
6 “Million Dollar Baby” 90%
7 “Dodgeball” 71%
8 “The Blind Side” 66%
9 “Draft Day” 60%

“When We Were Kings”

“When We Were Kings” is presented as a documentary that tells the story of the famous 1974 fight between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman. The film includes interviews with several key figures and took two decades to finally release.

“Hoop Dreams”

A documentary-style film, “Hope Dreams” follows two original young basketball players who try to rise from poverty to a college basketball scholarship.


“The Wrestler” focuses on an aging wrestler who, despite failing health, continues to wrestle in pursuit of his past glory. At the same time, he had to mend personal relationships.

“Bull Durham”

“Durham Bulls” tells a fictional story centered around the real-life minor league baseball Durham Bulls. The film stars Kevin Costner, who plays minor league catcher Krish Davis, who joins the team and falls in love with a woman who initially spends time with one of the team’s pitchers, Nuke Laloche (Tim Robbins).

“Raging Bull”

Starring Robert De Niro, “Raging Bull” tells the story of a middleweight boxer who must balance the high stakes in his sport while maintaining his relationships outside the ring.

“Million Dollar Baby”

Clint Eastwood and Morgan Freeman star in a film about an amateur female boxer’s rise to the top of the sport. Eastwood serves as her lonely but wise coach.


Gym owners, played by Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn, participate in a dodgeball tournament to prevent their gym from being driven out of business by a more upscale competitor.

“The Blind Side”

“The Blind Side” tells the true story of the aggressive behavior of Michael Oher, a struggling teenager who becomes a soccer standout after being adopted by the Tuohy family. Starring Sandra Bullock, who plays Oher’s adoptive mother, the film details how Oher earned a football scholarship at Ole Miss. He later won a Super Bowl with the Ravens.

“Draft Day”

“Draft Day” blends fact with fiction, as Kevin Costner plays the legendary general manager of the all-too-real Cleveland Browns. Days after his father’s death, he’s wheeling and dealing before the NFL draft and must regain the trust of the team and its fans.

HBO sports documentaries

the title sport
“hard knock” NFL
“shaq” NBA
“Lion” Golf
“What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali” boxing
“Time to Win: The Rise of the Lakers’ Empire” NBA
“Being Serena” Tennis

“hard knock”

“Hard Knocks” has long been HBO’s most popular sports series, following a different NFL team each year through training camp and the preseason. HBO introduced an in-season version of the show in 2021. The first season followed the Indianapolis Colts while the second in 2022 followed the Arizona Cardinals.


“Shaq” tells the story of NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal through detailed interviews.


Tiger Woods has one of the most compelling stories in recent sports history, and “Tiger” attempts to tell it from his heyday to dark days and inspiring comebacks.

“What’s My Name | Muhammad Ali”

Like Woods, Ali is an icon of his sport and has made as many headlines outside the ring as he has in the ring. “What’s My Name” is a two-part series that tells his story.

“Time to Win: The Rise of the Lakers’ Empire”

“Time to Win” is one of HBO’s most recent sports documentaries that tells the story of the Lakers’ 1980s dynasty and the polar figures that defined the run.

“Being Serena”

“Being Serena” is a five-part documentary series focusing on tennis legend Serena Williams’ pregnancy and how she balanced being a mother while staying at the top of her game.

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