HYBE plans to educate trainees on cultural diversity

HYBE, the multinational entertainment company behind supergroup BTS, has launched a new initiative to educate its trainees on cultural diversity and social topics. Shin Seong-jeong, head of HYBE’s training and development department, recently said that the company plans to include cultural diversity in the interns’ curriculum.

The main philosophy behind this latest vision is to encourage their interns and artists to understand the global phenomenon through first-hand experiences. According to Jeong, this is necessary because

“Idols meet fans from different cultures, they have a lot of influence.”

Given that K-pop is spreading rapidly and has fans in every corner of the world, artists should better understand their fans and communicate more accurately with their audience.

HYBE integrates cultural diversity and social issues into its training and development system

HYBE educates its trainees on cultural diversity and social issues

“It is important that (interns/artists) understand each other’s cultures. Because idols meet fans from different cultural backgrounds, they have a lot of influence.”


The agency’s goal is to prioritize the education of its artists on social topics to equip them with knowledge and skills that can help them make informed decisions and collaborate with people from different cultural backgrounds.

In addition, the company will introduce various programs including environmental issues, gender issues, multiculturalism and self-education for its artists. This will allow interns and artists to respect other differences and comprehensive understanding of the world. Explaining the reason for the new move, Jeong said:

“It’s important that (interns/artists) understand each other’s cultures because there are people from different cultural backgrounds in one group. It is also significant that they are now learning how to communicate and understand the differences between them regardless of nationality or province.”

HYBE realizes the importance of cultural exchange between its artists, especially as this million-dollar company hosts many artists and groups. While BTS includes all Korean members, groups like ENHYPEN, SEVENTEEN, NewJeans, and LE SSERAFIM, among others, have members from different ethnicities and regions.

namjoon taught hybe how interesting an idol with their own opinions and cultural knowledge can be, so now they want more idols like him…

Fortunately, HYBE’s latest approach will help artists not only develop their idol skills, but also transform them into responsible, informed and versatile idols. As K-pop groups and idols interact with fans around the world through live sessions, social media, tours, fan signs and events, fans feel that other K-pop agencies should implement a program for their artists as well.

Formerly known as BIGHIT Entertainment, HYBE Labels was established in 2005 and currently operates a record label, talent agency, music production company, event organization and music publishing company.

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