Museums can act as media for global cultural exchange: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on May 18 that museums are not only places to visit for young people, they are career opportunities and can act as a medium for global cultural exchange. He said the government is constantly working to preserve the country’s rich cultural heritage and build cultural infrastructure. The Prime Minister said that the focus was on building local and rural museums.

Speaking at the launch of the International Museum Expo 2023 at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi, the Prime Minister said: “Today’s opportunity will bring a huge breakthrough to the world of museums in India. Museums are no longer just places visited by our young people. career opportunity. They can act as a medium for global cultural exchange.”

“Many of our manuscripts and libraries were burned during the slavery period, it was a loss not only for India, but for the whole world and all mankind,” he added. Prime Minister Modi said that a new cultural infrastructure is being created in Amrit Mahotsav along with efforts to preserve India’s heritage. “At Amrit Mahotsav, along with preserving India’s heritage, we are also building a new cultural infrastructure. There is also a history of fighting for freedom in this country’s efforts, as well as a legacy that is thousands of years old,” he said.

He said that after independence, no proper efforts were made to preserve the country’s heritage, leading to a lack of awareness among the people. “Unfortunately, the efforts that should have been made to preserve our heritage after independence failed, the public’s lack of awareness of heritage has increased even more … It has been announced that pride in our heritage is the most important thing,” said Prime Minister Modi. Addressing the gathered, he said that a museum had been built dedicated to the journeys and contributions of all the former Prime Ministers of India.

“We have built a Prime Minister’s Museum in Delhi dedicated to the journeys and contributions of all India’s former prime ministers. Today, people from all over the country come to the Prime Minister’s museum to witness India’s post-independence development,” Modi said. he said. “We are building 10 special museums to commemorate the contribution of our tribal community to the fight for freedom. This is a unique initiative around the world where you will see a comprehensive view of tribal diversity,” he added.

The International Museum Fair is organized as part of Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav, on the occasion of the 47th International Museum Day. This year’s theme is ‘Museums, Sustainability and Wellbeing’. Museum Expo aims to spark a holistic conversation about museums with museum staff to enable them to evolve as cultural hubs that play a key role in India’s cultural diplomacy. The Prime Minister also unveiled the mascot of the International Museum Exhibition, the graphic novel “A Day at the Museum”, a catalog of Indian museums, a pocket map of the Kartavya path and museum cards.

The mascot of the International Museum Exhibition is a modernized version of a dancing girl made of wood in the Chennapatnam style. During the programme, Prime Minister Modi also inaugurated a virtual tour of the emerging National Museum in the North and South Blocks. The museum will exhibit and exhibit the rich civilization culture of the country, historical events, personalities, ideas and achievements

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