Video: Air New Zealand showcases cultural identity with new equipment sets

Air New Zealand has partnered with Aotea to give passengers a glimpse into the country’s heritage with new in-flight kits.

The partnership shows evidence of the airline’s support for local businesses and highlights New Zealand’s rich culture.

“Our partnership with Aotea provides customers with amenities that tell a story inspired by New Zealand’s unique culture. Air New Zealand is proud to support local Maori-owned businesses and pass on traditional ingredients used by the Maori people for centuries to our customers,” explains Leanne Geraghy, Air New Zealand’s Director of Customer Service and Sales.

The kits will feature skincare products inspired by traditional Maori herbal practices and highlight indigenous ingredients such as Kawakawa, Harakeke and Mãnuka. In the past, Maori doctors used whatever they found in the bush to treat medical problems, and these products are an ode to that by highlighting what local ingredients can do.

Photo: Aotea founder Tama Toki. Courtesy of Air New Zealand.

Aotea founder Tama Toki says the partnership is an exciting opportunity to share Maori traditions with the world. “My grandmother was a practitioner of Rongoa Maori (Maori medicine). She treated us kids with what we found in the bush, and the Aotea series is an expression of that upbringing. This is unique to Aotearoa and something we bring to life in our kāinga na Aotea ancestor.”

“As Māori, we are proud to share our traditions. It’s a privilege to see this part of our culture on Air New Zealand. We hope this gives people traveling to Aotearoa an insight into our cultural identity.”

Each set will be available to passengers in Business Premier and Premium Economy cabins. These will include Harakeke seed oil and Mãnuka water hand and body cream, an anti-inflammatory dry skin cream, and Kawakawa lotion, a business-class-only healing lotion that treats all skin ailments. The new accessory kits are now available on Air Zealand flights.

Additional additions to the cabin

A few months ago, the New Zealand carrier also introduced a new luxury sleeping offer for economy class passengers. The new SkyNest product, which will be launched in September 2024, will feature six sleeper capsules in a bunk bed configuration on non-stop flights connecting the airline’s hub Auckland with its two longest routes, New York (JFK) and Chicago, on board select Boeing 787-9s.

The airline recently revealed more details about its future in-flight launch, including previews of amenities such as USB charging ports, a reading light, blanket, pillow and full-size bedding.

Photo: courtesy of Air New Zealand

However, the carrier also said the pods will be based on availability and will be limited to a four-hour session per flight per passenger. Currently, the airline has a SkyCouch product that allows Economy Class passengers to transform a row of three seats into a makeshift bed.

The new launch is expected to offer passengers significantly more space and revolutionize long-haul travel for economy class passengers. Previously, reclining seats on long-haul flights were usually reserved for first and business class passengers.

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